Building Legacies Through Strategic Asset Management

Welcome to Coral International Asset Managers, where our legacy is in the foundations we strengthen and the investments we nurture.

Over the past thirty years, we have carved out a reputation for excellence in managing an extensive array of properties.

Dive into our world of expert asset management services and discover how can help you.

What We Do

Commercial & Residential Sales

Navigate the Market with Precision – Coral's expertise in commercial and residential sales is unmatched.

We've honed the art of matching premier properties with discerning buyers, ensuring a seamless transaction from the first showing to the final handshake.

Whether you're expanding your commercial ventures or seeking a residential haven, Coral is your trusted partner, guiding you through the intricacies of buying and selling with ease and confidence.

Property Administration and Management 

Expert Management Tailored to Your Assets – At Coral, property administration and management go beyond mere oversight.

Our approach is a tailored, proactive strategy that anticipates the needs of each property, ensuring they are not just maintained but consistently enhanced.

From rigorous tenant selection to meticulous maintenance schedules, we elevate every facet of administration to optimize your investment and tenant satisfaction.

Facilities and Utilities Management 

Efficiency Meets Innovation – Coral's Facilities & Utilities Management service represents the fusion of operational efficiency with innovative practices.

We manage your facilities with an eye for detail and a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every square foot of your property is immaculate, secure, and functioning at peak performance.

Simultaneously, our utilities management is a testament to our pledge to eco-friendly practices, aiming to reduce your carbon footprint while trimming costs.

Commercial Lease Agreements

Your Lease, Our Expertise – Crafting a commercial lease requires a delicate balance of legal expertise, market insight, and negotiation skills.

Coral's team of experts ensures your lease agreements are comprehensive, compliant, and conducive to your business goals.

We protect your interests while fostering a fair and prosperous relationship with your tenants, ensuring long-term stability and profitability.

Investment Properties

Strategic Investments, Stellar Outcomes – Coral understands that property investments are more than transactions—they are the cornerstones of your financial future.

We identify and curate investment opportunities that promise growth and resilience.

By analyzing market trends and leveraging our expansive network, we present you with properties that are poised to yield high returns and sustainable success.

Power Savings Analysis

Illuminate Savings, Empower Efficiency – With Coral's Power Savings Analysis, your property's energy consumption is no longer a fixed cost but an opportunity for savings.

Our comprehensive analysis pinpoints inefficiencies and lays out a roadmap to reduce your energy expenditures.

We integrate cutting-edge technology and alternate energy solutions to ensure that your property is as green as it is cost-effective, driving down expenses while championing environmental stewardship.

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