About Us

We are a distinguished asset management firm with a rich history spanning over thirty years in specialized property management.

We have operated a robust portfolio across South Africa and internationally, upholding a commitment to service excellence and unmatched client satisfaction.

Our rich history dates back over 30 years, with a timeline marked by growth, expansion, and a relentless pursuit of property management perfection.

From a local powerhouse to an international entity, our journey is a testament to unwavering dedication and strategic prowess.


Shopping Centers

Coral has successfully managed multiple shopping centers located in key commercial hubs. These centers are designed to attract a high volume of foot traffic, offering a mix of national and local retailers that cater to all consumer needs. Our shopping centers are community focal points, providing essential services, leisure, and retail options that enhance the local shopping experience.


Commercial Spaces

Our portfolio includes strategically positioned retail and commercial spaces that ensure maximum visibility and accessibility for businesses. These properties serve as vibrant hubs for commerce and social interaction, ranging from bustling downtown locations to community-serving centers anchored by major grocery chains. They are crafted to support a dynamic mix of tenants and are central to the communities they serve.



Coral has managed specialty properties such as motor car showrooms, which are positioned in accessible locations with high visibility to drive traffic and sales. These showrooms reflect our capability to manage properties that require a unique approach to layout, design, and customer interaction.



Our industrial and warehousing properties cater to significant operational needs, from storage and distribution to manufacturing. Managed efficiently, these properties are pivotal for businesses looking for scalability and robust logistics support. Our management ensures these properties are optimized for high functionality and accessibility.


Residential and Mixed-Use

Coral’s management expertise extends to residential and mixed-use developments, which integrate living spaces with commercial and retail elements. These properties are designed to provide a seamless blend of convenience and lifestyle, fostering vibrant communities where people can live, work, and play in proximity. Our approach focuses on creating environments that are safe, convenient, and community-oriented.

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